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YouTube Data API Tutorial: Create a YouTube Subscriber Count with React

Use the Youtube Data API and React Hooks to create a React component that displays the current subscriber count of any YouTube channel.

API Call: https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/channels?part=statistics&id=${channel_id}&key=${api_key}


CodeSandbox Setup: 1:24

YouTube Config: 2:08

Get YouTube API Key: 2:52

Secure API Key: 4:18

Get YouTube Channel ID: 5:20

YouTube Counter React Component: 5:58

React Hook useState: 6:37

React Hook useEffect: 7:43

API Call: 9:20

Fetch API: 10:37

Change State: 13:40

React Fragment: 14:22

Format Numbers with Numeral: 15:17

useEffect Array Arguments: 17:28

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